Dog breeds that suffer from heat

Dog breeds that can't handle heat: You won't believe how extreme their sensitivity can be

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Every summer, as temperatures rise, it is essential to take precautions for our four-legged friends. In fact, some dog breeds are more sensitive to heat than others. In this article, we will introduce you to dog breeds that do not tolerate heat well, as well as tips for protecting them and providing them with a pleasant environment. Let's dive into this canine world together to ensure the well-being of our companions!

Dog Breeds Sensitive to Heat

Some dog breeds have been genetically adapted to cooler climates and have difficulty handling high temperatures. Among these breeds, we find:

The Difficulties of Short-Snouted Dogs in Tolerating Heat

Dogs that have a short muzzle, such as the English Bulldog and the Pug, face particular difficulties when it comes to withstanding the heat. This anatomical feature makes their ability to regulate their body temperature less effective.

This is because dogs with short noses have narrower airways, which limits their ability to inhale large quantities of air and cool it effectively. Indeed, their short snout does not allow them to quickly release accumulated heat, which can lead to an increase in their body temperature.

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These dogs also tend to pant more to try to cool off, which can lead to excess moisture loss and faster dehydration. It is therefore essential to provide them with shaded and cool places during hot periods, as well as to keep them hydrated by offering them fresh water regularly.

The Difficulties of Dogs with Big Fur in Tolerating the Heat

Dogs with large fur, such as the Chow Chow, experience specific difficulties when it comes to handling the heat. Their thick coat, although it can protect them from the cold, becomes a disadvantage in hot weather.

The dense, insulating fur of these dogs limits air circulation near their skin, which hinders the dissipation of heat. body heat. They thus have no more trouble cooling down naturally by convection.

Also, the thick coat can trap heat and increase the dog's body temperature, which can lead to a risk of overheating. To help dogs with large fur cope with the heat, it is essential to brush daily in order to eliminate dead hair and promote better air circulation through their coat.

Providing these dogs with cool, shaded areas where they can rest is also important to prevent the harmful effects of excessive heat. By taking these precautions, you will help your four-legged friend to better tolerate high temperatures while preserving their well-being.

Dog Breeds That Have Trouble Tolerating Heat

The different breeds of dogs sensitive to heat: we will highlight their level of sensitivity and the specific precautions to take to ensure their comfort and safety during hot periods.

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BreedsHeat SensitivityPrecautions to take
English BulldogHighShade and freshness
PugHighHydration and moderate activities
Chow chowAverageRegular brushing and fresh areas
French BulldogHighAvoid the hottest hours and intense efforts
Shih Tzu AverageSummer mowing and regular hydration
PekingeseHighHydration and cool environment
Bichon FrizeAverageSummer mowing and avoiding hot surfaces

Meet the Chow Chow, a dog breed known for its dense, lush fur, which gives it a majestic and unique appearance.

Dog breeds that suffer from heat

Essential Accessories to Protect Your Dog

When it's hot, it's essential to equip your dog with the right accessories to protect him. Here is a bulleted list of essential accessories:

  • Water bowl : Make sure your dog always has fresh water available, including using a bowl specially designed to keep the water fresh for longer.
  • Cooling mat : These special mats help keep your dog's body temperature low, providing them with a cool and comfortable space to rest.
  • Refreshment harness : Some harnesses equipped with cooling gel help regulate your dog's body temperature during walks.
  • Hat or cap : Protect your dog's head from the sun with a hat or cap specially designed for animals.
  • Sunscreen for dogs : Certain sensitive areas of your dog's skin may require the application of a suitable sunscreen to protect them from UV rays.

In short

It is essential to know the dog breeds who are sensitive to heat and to take the necessary precautions for their well-being during summer periods. By using appropriate accessories and providing cool areas, you can ensure your four-legged friend has a safe and pleasant environment. Remember that every dog is unique, so watch yours carefully for any signs of overheating and act accordingly. Let's protect our canine friends from the heat and spend unforgettable summers together!

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