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What accessories should you provide for welcoming your cat?

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When you adopt a pet, it is important to provide the necessary accessories for your comfort and well-being. Whether it's a litter box, cat litter, or toys, there are several things to consider to ensure a smooth transition for your new companion. In this article, we will give you a complete list of accessories to bring when welcoming your cat to help you be ready for this important moment.

Cat tree

To improve your cat's well-being, you can choose a cat tree. This is a piece of furniture for cats that allows them to climb, hide, rest and scratch. It is made from wood or metal then covered with materials such as synthetic fur or rope for the claws.

When you have made your choice of covering, you will need to choose its size, ranging from a simple bench to a large tree several stories high. Some are equipped with various accessories such as kennels, swings and cat toys.

Acquiring a cat tree will allow your pet to playexercise while having fun, which constitutes a mental stimulation important for their well-being. It will also be a reassuring place for your pet, where he can rest or hide. he can prevent destructive behaviors, such as scratches on furniture.

Cat carrier bag

THE bag or the cat transport box are specially designed to comfortably transport cats in complete safety. There are different types of cat carrier bags, such as shoulder bags, backpacks, roller bags and hard cases.

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THE carry bags For cats are usually made from durable materials such as nylon or polyester. They have windows mesh to allow air to circulate and so the cat can see outside. If you have to take your cat, be careful about the weight of the empty bag, because you will have to add the weight of the cat. Most cat carriers also have safety ties to prevent the cat from escaping.

You must choose a cat carrier bag Depending on the size of your cat, you ensure your pet has enough space to stand, turn and lie down comfortably. As with all other accessories, choose materials that are easy to maintain and disinfect.

THE cat carrier bags are useful for car trips, vet visits, vacations and air travel. Before traveling with your cat, make sure you bring all the necessary documents, such as pet passports and vaccination certificates.


Trick : Leave the bag or cage in the house, your cat will approach little by little and will eventually slip inside. This will allow him to become familiar with this accessory. So, when you need to use it, you will have no trouble putting it in its bag.

Cat leash or harness

If you plan to take your cat out on a leash, you will need to get him used to it from a young age. Walking a cat leash or harness is beneficial for one's physical and mental health. He can thus explore his environment. Our pets love moments of walks with their master. However, respect their preferences and abilities, some will not adapt to this practice. It is essential to monitor your behavior.

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The choice of leash or harness to walk your cat safely must correspond to your animal, and must not hurt it. Teaching your cat to walk on a leash will not be easy but will be impossible if your pet feels discomfort, such as a collar that is too heavy.

Cat leashes and harnesses are usually made from lightweight, comfortable materials, such as nylon or cotton; you will find a large selection of accessories at your nearest pet store.

There are different types of leashes and cat harness :

  • THE clip leashes,
  • THE retractable leashes,
  • THE strap harness.

The leash or harness must match your cat's size, and must fit snugly to prevent it from escaping. Choose a harness with safety ties. It is essential to get your cat used to walking on a leash before going outside, to avoid stressing it.

Kitten toys

The cat is a patient and mischievous animal. He will appreciate it if you offer him different games that you make yourself or that you choose for him off the shelf. But, be careful to choose a game that will stimulate his natural instincts like hunting, climbing, exploring and scratching.

You can offer him balls, mice, cat trees, chew toys, scratch toys and sound toys. Take care that there are no detachable or small parts so that your cat does not swallow them.

It's also important to change toys regularly to keep your kitten interested. THE toys for kittens can also help develop their coordination and agility.

Cat brush and comb

Cat accessories include a variety of tools for caring for their coat, such as brushes and combs. This is why you must choose the right tool depending on the breed of your cat and the length of its coat.

  • THE long haired cats require a soft brush to prevent knots and tangles. Ideally you can choose the detangling comb which will remove knots without damaging the coat and without causing your pet to suffer.
  • THE short haired cats can simply be combed with wide tooth comb to remove dead hair.
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It is also essential to take into account the cat sensitivity when choosing a brush or comb, as some cats may be sensitive to stiff toothbrushes. However, brushing your cat regularly will keep its coat healthy, remove dead hair and stimulate blood circulation.

Cat litter

If you do not want to let your cat out or if you live in an apartment, you will need to purchase a cat litter.

Several factors must be taken into account when making your choice:

  • The size of the litter box must suit the size of your cat as well as the size of your space and also the type of litter box.
  • The type of litter: it is preferable to try several litters, clay, silica, wood or vegetable. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, durability, cleaning and safety.
  • The interview: choose a easy to clean litter box and to maintain to avoid unpleasant odors and diseases.
  • The cost: it varies, make sure it suits your budget.

When your choice is determined, you will then need to choose the right place to position it because the litter must be placed in a location quiet and clean, away from drafts and away from food and drinks.

If you have these accessories, you are ready to welcome your new pet.

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