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How to choose your faithful companion?

Acquiring a pet must be a thoughtful act; it involves making a commitment for several years. Both dogs and cats need their master's attention; it is necessary to dedicate a little of your time to them every day. The composition of the family and the time you have to devote to it must determine your choice: cat or dog?

Owning a pet can provide many benefits for your mental and physical health. However, it is important to think about the responsibility and financial costs associated with adoption (insurance, veterinary care, etc.) before making a decision.

The size of the animal

Depending on your home: apartment or pavilion with garden. It is important that your pet has a comfortable place where he can lie down at ease. An apartment is more suitable for cats and small or medium-sized dogs. A pavilion with a garden is suitable for animals, but make sure the garden is well fenced so that your animals cannot leave it without your knowledge.

Dogs love walks

If you opt for the dog, you should know that the dog likes to walk with its master. You must therefore set aside time every day so that he can stretch his legs. Depending on the breed of the dog but also its temperament, the duration of the outing will be more or less long. Some dogs need to run, if you live near woods or forest your dog will be happy, for others an urban walk will be sufficient.

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Food: get advice from a pet store

Depending on your choice, dog or cat, your animal will need a diet appropriate to its size, but also its age. If you opt for a diet based on kibble, a wide variety is offered: depending on size and weight, depending on age: puppy, adult or senior. You will also find “Light” kibbles if your pet has weight problems. It is possible to seek advice from a pet store or a veterinarian.

Puppy or kitten?

Acquiring a young dog or a young cat requires being ready to teach it everything. You will have to be patient because the learning periods can be more or less long. It is important to be aware that your young animal cannot behave like an adult dog or cat. In particular, we will have to teach them some concepts such as hygiene and how to behave well in our habitat. Outings should be short but frequent, food in small quantities but repeated... at least for the first six months.

Where to buy your pet?

It is possible to adopt an animal from certain animal protection associations and their shelters, the SPA being the best known of them. The animal will be microchipped and sterilized before being given to you. You will receive his identification card at your home a few weeks later. You can buy an animal from a breeder, in a pet store or from an individual. In any case, it will be best to consult your veterinarian the month following your acquisition.

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To conclude, it is imperative to find out about the breed of the animal that seduced you. Do not hesitate to contact a breeder or a veterinarian, they will be able to advise you. Start adopting an animal that fits your lifestyle, because we quickly get attached to our little ball of fur, and when the breed is not suitable then sometimes there are no other options than to separate from him, which is traumatic for you but also for him.

  • Florence Luberton

    Florence Luberton, a passionate pet lover and pet owner. Florence has dedicated her life to educating pet owners on the best ways to care for their furry companions. From training, nutrition, to grooming and behavior, she has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share with pet owners to help them better understand their animals.

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  1. impossible to even find a cat, I want a small adult dog so I can go for a walk with him, to force me to go out because I don't go out for 3 or 4 days, if there is nothing to do outside.
    I can't put a lot of money into the application fees + adoption fees at the SPA because I have a small pension.
    even to be able to adopt an animal, you need money.

    • Hello, we thank you for your visit to our site, indeed to adopt an animal at the SPA there are application fees, however you can consult animal donation announcements in local newspapers or on sites such as the good corner. There are many breeds of small dogs, you will find a nice four-legged companion.

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