dog theft

Dog theft: Red alert!

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Dog theft is a growing problem to the point where red alert has been issued in many areas. Purebred dogs, especially dog breeds small in size such as Yorkshires, THE Chihuahuas and the Pomeranians (also called dwarf spitz Or Pomeranian dogs), are particularly targeted. Thieves often target dogs in gardens, parks and backyards but they can also abduct dogs that are tied up from outside shops and other public places.

Why are these thefts on the rise?

There are several reasons why thieves target dogs. Some steal them to resell for high prices, while others take them for use in illegal dog fighting or for use in criminal activities. Thieves may also take dogs for their own personal use, particularly if they are looking to replace a lost or sick pet.

dog theft

The alert is launched

Preventive measures to protect dogs against theft

It is important to take the following steps to protect dogs from theft:

  • Make sure your dog has a valid identification, like a tattoo or a microchip.
  • Install surveillance cameras to monitor your property.
  • Be careful when taking your dog for a walk or while traveling.
  • Avoid leaving your dog alone outside your home or in your yard.
  • Use a sturdy collar and leash when walking your dog.
  • Avoid leaving your dog in high-risk places, such as dog parks and play areas.
  • Don't share too much information about your dog's movements on social media.
  • Be aware of the value of your dog and the demand for its breed.
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What to do if your dog is stolen?

The steps to take in the event of theft are as follows:

  • Report the theft immediately to the police : It's important to report any dog theft to the police immediately.
  • Inform animal shelters, veterinarians and social media about your missing pet because it is possible that a stolen dog will be abandoned or sold to someone who does not know it is stolen
  • Look for your dog at local shelters and online classified ads sites.
  • Offer a reward for your dog's recovery.
  • be careful and notify authorities if you have information about suspicious activity or individuals who may be involved in dog theft.
dog theft

In summary, dog theft is a growing problem which requires the attention of pet owners and authorities. Finally, it is important to remember that dogs are members of the family and they deserve the same protection as any other member of the family. Dog owners should be aware of the risks of theft and take steps to protect their pets against this form of crime.

By taking preventative measures and by being vigilant, dog owners can protect their pets from theft. In the event of theft, it is absolutely essential to immediately report the incident to the police and actively search for your dog.

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