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Discover an abundance of informative and informative articles that focus on the well-being and happiness of your adorable canine and feline companions. Our collection offers you a wealth of practical advice to prevent problems commonly encountered with pets.

Learn to spot early warning signs of problems that may affect our precious four-legged friends. We cover a variety of topics, from unusual behaviors to changes in their appetite or energy, so you can take the necessary steps to keep them comfortable.

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Neutering a Dog: Everything You Need to Know

Sterilization of a dog

Neutering a dog is a decision that many pet owners must make at some point. Sterilization, castration (for males) or ovariohysterectomy (for females) is a surgical procedure that involves removing the reproductive organs…

Deworming dogs: common mistakes to avoid

dog dewormer

Caring for our pets is an important responsibility, and that includes ensuring their health and well-being. An essential aspect of care is ensuring the prevention and treatment of internal parasites, and for our friends…

The dog tick

dog tick

The dog tick is a common parasite among our four-legged friends that can cause many health problems if not detected and treated quickly. These parasites are present in many regions of the world,…

Cat dewormer

Cat dewormer

Cats become infected with internal parasites in a variety of ways, including ingesting contaminated food or water, eating infected prey, or being in contact with other infected animals. Kittens are particularly vulnerable to…

Dog or cat ear mites?

dog mange

Ear mites, also known as otacariasis, is a common condition among our faithful four-legged companions. This parasitic disease primarily affects the ears of dogs, causing intense itching, discomfort and potentially infections…