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What letter for cats in 2023?

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This is a great question! Why do cats and dogs have to have names that start with the same letter this year? You'll agree that this is a bit of a strange trend, right? So what is this strange tradition that continues year after year?

Why is there a different letter every year?

There is actually a fairly simple explanation. Each year, the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins, approved since November 4, 1996) awards a specific letter to dog names.

It was in 1928 that the Société Centrale Canine established the principle, starting with the letter A. With the aim of simplifying the consultation of the Book of origins.

In 1972 certain letters were completely removed, deemed too difficult: K, Q, W, X, Y, Z. So every 20 years we returned to the same letter.

Since 2014, all letters have been authorized: for example, in 2014 the K completes the J, in 2019 the letter Q could complete the letter P, and in 2024 the letters W, X, Y, Z will complete the letter V. So, If you wish to register your purebred cat with LOOF, you are required to choose a name starting with the letter of the year. Some owners write down one name and use another name to call their pet.

But why the letter U this year? To be honest, there isn't really a particular reason. We just applied the rule applied by the canine society to cats.

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What name should you choose for your cat?

But that doesn't mean all cats and dogs have to have names starting with the letter U this year. You can always give your pet a name you like, no matter the letter. It's the personality and love you have for your pet that matters most, not the name you give it.

So whether you have a cat named Toulouse, a dog named Zeus, the important thing is the love and joy he brings into your life. And if you want to follow the LOOF tradition and give a name starting with the letter U, go for it! After all, there are so many adorable names that start with this letter, like Ulysses, Ursula, Ugo and even Ulysses!

In short, it doesn't matter what name you give your pet, what matters is the love you have for it and the moments you share together.

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