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Cat theft: How to protect your felines against this scourge?

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THE cat theft is an increasingly recurring problem in certain regions. Various factors contribute to this increase in theft, such as the growing demand for certain breeds of cats and the growing importance of pets in people's lives. Understanding the causes of these thefts and how to counter them is therefore essential to protect our beloved furballs.

Bad people often take advantage of owners' absence or lack of vigilance to steal these prized pets. Victims of cat theft are usually shocked and devastated by the loss of their companion, and recovering the animal can be difficult, or even impossible in some cases. It is therefore important to act preventively in order to prevent these thefts and protect cats.

Common Causes of Cat Theft

THE cat theft, just like the dog theft, is a growing problem in many regions. Domestic cats are very successful as pets. However, there are people with bad intentions who take advantage of this popularity to commit theft. In this section, we will discuss common causes of cat theft.

Cat theft for resale

One of the most common reasons behind these thefts is the resale. Some thieves prefer to seize purebred cats, which they can resell at high prices, especially on the internet. Commonly targeted breeds include:

  • Persian
  • Maine Coon
  • Siamese
  • Bengal
  • Sphynx
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Cat theft for illegal breeding

Another factor is illegal breeding. Individuals who wish to breed cats without following proper regulations may choose to steal unsterilized cats. This allows them to avoid the costs associated with purchase and sterilization. Illegal breeding often contributes to miserable living conditions for animals.

Growth in demand and rising prices

There growing demand animal companionship, particularly during lockdown, has also been a factor. People who want to have a cat can turn to illegal sources to acquire a pet quickly and inexpensively.

Cat BreedsAverage price
Persian500 – 3000 €
Maine Coon900 – 2500 €
Siamese600 – 1500 €
Bengal1000 – 3000 €
Sphynx1200 – 3500 €
Average price of the most targeted breeds

Neighborhood conflicts or reprisals

Sometimes thieves steal cats for personal reasons, such as neighborhood disputes or retaliation. They may also be motivated by the possibility of claiming ransoms to desperate owners.

Various causes

Finally, some cat thefts can be attributed to religious or magical rituals. Although this is less common, it is still important to be aware of it. Black cats are sometimes particularly targeted.

Cat theft is a sad reality for many pet owners. Educating yourself about common causes and potential dangers can help prevent these crimes.

cat theft

How to Prevent and React to Cat Theft

Cat theft is a concerning issue for pet owners, but it is possible to take preventative measures and know how to respond if it happens. Here are several tips to increase your cat's safety and deal with a possible disappearance.

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Have your cat identified

Identifying the cat is a crucial step to increase its chances of return. It is recommended to have a microchip fitted by a veterinarian and ensure contact details are up to date. Also don't forget the necklace with a medal mentioning your contact details.

Monitor your environment

It is essential to know your cat's habits and ensure that he stays in a familiar and secure environment. Cats should be kept indoors, especially at night, and windows and doors should be closed to prevent theft.

  • If your cat is used to roaming outside, consider installing an anti-climb fence or secure enclosure to prevent him from wandering too far.
  • It's also helpful to be aware of cat thefts in your neighborhood and report any suspicious activity to local authorities.

In case of disappearance

Here is what you absolutely must do in the event of a disappearance:

  1. Start by searching the surroundings and see if your cat has simply wandered off.
  2. Warn the neighbors and distribute flyers to them with a photo and description of your cat, as well as your contact details.
  3. Contact local veterinarians and animal shelters to report your cat missing.
  4. Report your cat's theft to the police and inform them of important details regarding the circumstances.

Use social networks

Social media platforms can be an effective tool for spreading information and finding stolen cats. Post ads with photos on local Facebook groups and on specialized sites. It is also advisable to monitor animal sales announcements to see if your cat is for sale on online platforms.

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It is essential to think proactively about preventing and responding to cat theft. By monitoring their environment, keeping your pets identified and using all the resources at your disposal, you will best protect your cat and be able to act effectively in the event of a disappearance.

Our recommendations

To effectively combat this scourge, several actions are recommended:

  • Raise awareness among the general public about the problem of cat theft and the prevention measures to adopt.
  • Adopt microchips for cats, which makes it easier to identify them and return them to their owner in the event of theft.
  • Report any theft or suspected theft attempt to the appropriate authorities.

In short, caution and vigilance remain the best weapons to protect our feline friends from theft and ensure them a safe and peaceful life.

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