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Cities where it is good to live with your pet: the TOP 10

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Like every year, the list of cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants where it is good to live with a dog in 2023 has been published. The city of Lille dethrones Nice which had obtained first place the two previous years. The magazine 30 Millions d’amis establishes this list according to certain criteria.

Classification :

  1. Lille
  2. Nice
  3. Montpellier
  4. Grenoble
  5. Bordeaux
  6. Dijon
  7. Mulhouse
  8. Toulon
  9. Strasbourg
  10. Perpignan

The northern city of Lille, awarded first place, has invested a lot in animal welfare. She established a Animal welfare guide that you can consult online.

animal welfare guide
Animal welfare guide

The city of Nice When was she rewarded in second place, notably for having created a Label “ Pet friendly“which indicates tourist establishments that welcome dogs. the town hall has allowed the dogs of municipal employees to be welcomed.

Montpellier is the third city awarded, because it allowed free access for animals on all public transport.

What are the criteria used to evaluate this list?

  • accessibility
  • the cleanliness
  • awareness and engagement
  • mediation

Cities where it is good to live with your animal: accessibility in public places

Rules and conditions for dogs in public parks may vary depending on where you are. However, here are some general conditions you may encounter:

  1. Most public parks allow dogs, but they must be on a leash at all times. Some parks designate specific areas for dogs where they can be safely let loose.
  2. Owners are responsible for picking up their dog's droppings and disposing of them in an appropriate trash can. It is essential to respect this rule to keep the parks clean and pleasant for everyone.
  3. Public parks prohibit access to aggressive or uncontrollable dogs. If you have a dog that tends to be aggressive, it is best to keep him on a leash and under control at all times.
  4. Some parks have specific rules regarding the size and breed of dogs allowed. It is important to check local rules before going to a park with your dog.
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In summary, if you want to take your dog to a public park, you must make sure you keep him on a leash, pick up his droppings, keep him under control and follow all local rules.

Cities where it is good to live with your pet: dog parks

Many cities in France offer parks intended for dogs, also called “canine parks” or “dog parks”. These parks are specially designed to allow dogs to let off steam and socialize with other dogs, while being safe and respecting city rules.

Amenities available at dog parks include agility obstacles, exercise areas, water features, and benches for dog owners. Owners can generally release their dogs in these parks, as long as they supervise their animals at all times.

More and more cities in France are developing dog parks to meet the needs of dog owners and the dogs themselves, as this not only allows dogs to exercise, but also reduces the risk of incidents between dogs and behavioral problems.

It is important to note that the rules for using dog parks may vary from city to city. Therefore, dog owners are recommended to check local rules before visiting a dog park with their pet.

Cities where it is good to live with your pet: access to public transport

In France, the rules for animal access to public transport also depend on the policies of each public transport company, but there are legal regulations that apply to all types of public transport.

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In general, transport companies in France allow pets such as dogs, cats and small animals on trains, buses and metros, but under certain conditions. Owners of small dogs must transport their pets in a carrier bag, while owners of larger dogs must keep them on a leash and muzzle them. Pets must be clean, not disturb other passengers, and not damage public transport equipment.

In France, the Disability Rights Act allows service animals, such as guide dogs for the blind, on board all types of public transport. Thus, the owners of these animals can take them with them without restriction.

However, it is worth noting that policies may vary between transport companies and regions of France.
It is recommended to check the specific rules of the public transportation company you plan to use before traveling with your pet. To do this, you can consult their website or contact them directly. This way, you can get specific information about their pet and service animal policies.

cities where it is good to live with your pet: transport

Is it compulsory to vaccinate my dog to access public places?

In France, it is not obligatory to vaccinate your dog or cat. According to the law of January 1999, certain breeds are classified in categories 1 and 2 and must receive the anti-rabies vaccine (rabies).

However, if you wish to travel abroad, some countries require compulsory vaccination.

Likewise, if you wish to leave your animal in a boarding facility, or a breeding facility, for a period of leave, you may also be asked to provide proof of vaccination to accommodate your animal. Just like if you want to sign up for a kennel club.

In France, in certain cases, vaccination of your dog is obligatory as part of the prevention of certain canine diseases. The compulsory vaccinations for dogs in France are as follows:

  1. According to French legislation, all owners of category 1 and 2 dogs must have their animals vaccinated against rabies. Puppies are vaccinated from the age of 3 months and receive a booster vaccination every year.
  2. Vaccination against leptospirosis : vaccination against leptospirosis is also mandatory for all dogs. Multivalent vaccines, which protect against several common diseases such as distemper and canine hepatitis, usually include vaccination against leptospirosis
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You should also know that vaccinating your dog is also highly recommended for other canine diseases such as kennel cough and the parvovirus. Veterinarians may recommend other vaccinations based on your dog's age, breed and lifestyle. You can talk about it with him during your pet's annual visit.

To conclude

In conclusion, living in a pet-friendly city is beneficial not only for pet owners, but also for the animals themselves. Cities that provide green spaces for dogs, dog parks, veterinary services and public facilities for pets create healthier, happier and more inclusive communities.

In France, many cities have taken steps to become more pet-friendly by offering a variety of services to meet the needs of pet owners. More cities are also developing policies to encourage local businesses to become more pet-friendly.

Ultimately, living in a pet-friendly city can provide many benefits, including a better quality of life for pet owners, greater social interaction among pet owners, animals and a more respectful and happier community for animals.

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