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The care necessary for the well-being of the dog

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Dog hygiene is important to maintaining the health and well-being of your pet. Here are some tips for maintaining your dog's hygiene

Hair and skin: daily maintenance

It is very important to keep your pet's skin clean and dry in order to avoid irritation, eczema, etc. For this, it is essential to dry it after a rainy walk, or after washing. Wash your dog regularly: use a shampoo specially designed for dogs that you can find in pet stores or at your veterinarian. Follow the instructions carefully. Be sure to rinse your dog's coat completely to avoid any skin irritation.

Brushing is an important step after shampooing, but you should brush your dog's coat regularly: this helps remove dead hair and distribute the skin's natural oils. Dogs really like this special moment with their master.

Monitor your dog's cleanliness areas: cleanliness areas such as armpits, genitals and paws should be clean and free of irritation. Watch for signs of infections: If your dog shows signs of skin infections, such as sores or redness, consult your veterinarian.

tekkel dog hygiene


Trimming your dog's nails: Nails that are too long can cause pain and injury to your dog's paws. You may notice that he has difficulty walking, or less desire to go out. If you have difficulty cutting his nails, you can seek help from a canine professional at a dog salon. grooming.

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Clean your dog's ears: Your dog's ears should be cleaned regularly to prevent infections. Use an ear cleaner recommended by your veterinarian. Certain breeds, with floppy ears like the Basset Hound, require very special monitoring because the risk of infections is common, it is essential to carry out weekly ear cleaning.

The teeth

Clean your dog's teeth: it is imperative to accustom your pet to the practice of dental brushing from a very young age, dental plaque can cause significant dental problems in dogs, especially as they age, because the loss of teeth can make it difficult for him to eat. If this is difficult you can use teeth cleaning sticks, which you can find in pet stores, just give him one every day. If dental plaque is already installed then you will need to have scaling done by a veterinarian. Your pet will be anesthetized during scaling, and he will regain perfect teeth. It is therefore important to clean your dog's teeth regularly to avoid dental costs.

The eyes

Monitor your dog's eyes: Your dog's eyes should be clean and free of redness or discharge. If you notice problems, you can check that the hair is not scratching the eyes, or that your pet has enough tears, however the causes can be very diverse and before administering any treatment it is best to consult your veterinarian.

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By maintaining good hygiene for your dog, you can help prevent diseases and infections, and ensure the good well-being of your pet. It is necessary to regularly consult a veterinarian to check your dog's health and to follow a care plan adapted to his needs.

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