border collie - smartest dog

The Smartest Dog Breed in the World: You Won't Believe It

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Canine intelligence is a fascinating subject. Obviously all dogs are unique with their own personality and abilities, but some breeds are known for their superior intelligence. The smartest dog breed in the world is the Border Collie, and here's why.

Border Collies: Born Shepherds

Border Collies originate from the border region between England and Scotland. This breed was developed for herding and managing livestock, and these dogs excelled at this task thanks to:

  • their intelligence,
  • their energy,
  • their dedication to work.

Border Collies are known for their ability to understand new commands faster than any other breed. According to Professor Stanley Coren, an expert in canine psychology, a typical Border Collie can understand a new command after just five repetitions and will follow commands at the first request of the time.

border collie - smartest dog

Border Collie Intelligence

The Border Collie's intelligence is often demonstrated by their incredible ability to learn and perform a range of complex tasks. This breed excels in agility, obedience, and various other canine competitions that require high intelligence and learning ability.

The Border Collie is also famous for his "eye" or "eye power", the method of livestock control where the dog fixes animals with an intense stare. This ability to understand and manipulate the behavior of other animals is another example of their superior intelligence.

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Notable Cases

A notable example of an exceptionally intelligent Border Collie is Chaser, who learned over 1,000 words, an accomplishment that made headlines around the world. Not only could Chaser understand the names of over 1,000 different objects, but she could also categorize those objects based on their characteristics and learn concepts such as exclusion.

Remarkable intelligence

The remarkable intelligence of Border Collies makes them not only excellent for the job for which they were bred, but also suited to a number of other roles, including as:

  • service dogs,
  • search and rescue dogs,
  • and even as film or television actors.

It is essential to note that while Border Collies are an exceptionally intelligent dog breed, they also require a lot of mental and physical stimulation. This breed is therefore not made for everyone and should be adopted by owners who are able to meet their specific needs.

Ultimately, a dog's intelligence depends a lot on its breed, but more so on the training and stimulation it receives. All dogs are capable of learning and growing, and all have a unique ability to bring us joy and satisfaction.


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