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The Present

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“The Present” is a remarkable animated short film that captivated the world with its sensitivity and powerful message. Directed by Jacob Frey, this four-minute film highlights the importance of pets in the lives of people facing personal challenges. Based on a comic strip by Fabio Coala, the film follows the story of a young boy who receives a three-legged puppy as a gift.

A moving disability story

The story begins with a typical depiction of adolescence, with the protagonist engrossed in his video games. The mood changes dramatically when his mother presents him with a gift, a puppy full of energy and joy. At first, the boy is put off when he discovers that the puppy, like him, has a disability. However, by observing how the puppy overcomes his disability and plays carefreely, he begins to accept the animal and, ultimately, his own disability.

“The Present” highlights the therapeutic impact of pets, particularly for people facing challenges like disability. This short film touchingly shows how a three-legged puppy manages to transform the boy's life, bringing joy, hope and resilience.

Beyond its poignant story, “The Present” has raised awareness about the perception of disability. It encourages the public to understand that disability does not prevent them from living a fulfilling life. Most importantly, the film shows that pets, despite – or perhaps because of – their own challenges, can provide invaluable comfort and help individuals overcome their own difficulties.

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A successful puppy

Jacob Frey achieved meteoric success with “The Present,” winning more than 50 international awards and landing a job at Disney where he contributed to hit films such as “Zootopia” and “Moana.”

In addition to its cinematic recognition, "The Present" has initiated many discussions about the importance of accepting differences and the valuable role of pets in the healing and adaptation process.

“The Present” is not just an animated short. It is a work that was able to touch the hearts of spectators and change their perception of disability, while highlighting the positive influence and support that pets can provide. Its lasting reach and impact are a testament to the power of cinema to spark change and shine a light on the diversity of human experiences.

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