Cooling mat 🧊 🐶 dog: save your pet from the heat

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With the arrival of summer and summer temperatures, the dog cooling mat can help your pet get through this time. During this season, it is crucial to ensure the health and well-being of our four-legged companions. First of all, dogs are particularly vulnerable to heat because they can't regulate their body temperature as effectively as we can. This is why in this article we will give you some valuable tips to protect your dog from the heat to allow him to fully enjoy the summer season.

Gel cooling mat

The characteristics of the cooling mat for dogs

When summer temperatures soar, our dogs are desperate for ways to cool off. This is where the cooling mat for dogs, a practical and comfortable accessory that offers our faithful canine companions an effective solution to combat the heat. The cooling mat contains a non-toxic gel that absorbs your pet's heat, or it is a mat that is soaked in cold water and wring out.

What is a good cooling mat?

Cooling technology : The key element of a cooling mat is its cooling technology. Most mats use a non-toxic gel and self-refreshing which absorbs the dog's body heat on contact. Make sure the mat you choose uses safe and effective cooling technology, providing a long-lasting cool feeling for your dog.

Quality materials : Opt for a cooling mat made from durable, quality materials. Look for durable, breathable fabrics that won't lose their shape over time. Also make sure the mat is easy to clean and that it does not retain odors, as dogs can sometimes sweat while lying on the mat.

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Suitable size : the size of your dog determines the size the cooling mat should be. To ensure you buy the right one, you should measure your pet, taking into account its size when lying comfortably.

What do you need to know on the practical side?

Portability and ease of use : A portable cooling mat is practical, because you can take it with you when traveling or traveling. Search for a foldable mat and lightweight, easy to transport and store. Also make sure that the mat does not require complex preparation and is ready for immediate use.

Security : Your dog's safety is paramount. Choose a cooling mat that has a non-slip coating on the underside to prevent slipping on smooth floors. Additionally, make sure that the mat does not have sharp edges or materials that are dangerous for your dog.

The cooling mat is a essential accessory to help your dog stay cool during periods of intense heat. .

How to choose a cooling mat for dogs?

By taking these tips into account, you will be sure to make the right purchase:

  1. Size : Take into account the size of your dog to choose a suitable mat. Measure him while he's lying down and make sure the mat provides enough space for him to lie down comfortably.
  2. Quality materials : Furthermore, opt for a cooling mat made from durable, resistant and breathable materials. Make sure they are safe for your dog and non-toxic. Additionally, high-quality fabrics are also easier to clean.
  3. Cooling technology : Ask about the cooling technology used in the mat. Look for a mat with a safe and effective cooling gel, which absorbs heat from your dog's body and maintains a comfortable temperature.
  4. Ease of use : Opt for a cooling mat that is easy to use. Check if the mat requires any prior preparation, such as filling with water or putting it in the refrigerator, or if it is ready to use immediately.
  5. Portability : If you plan to use the mat while traveling or traveling, choose a model that is portable and easy to carry. Foldable, lightweight mats that take up little space are more easily transportable.
  6. Security : Make sure the cooling mat is safe for your dog. It has a non-slip coating to prevent slipping, and it has no sharp edges or detachable parts that can be ingested.
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By taking these tips into account, you will be able to choose a cooling mat that will offer your dog optimal comfort and protection against the summer heat. Don't hesitate to compare the options available on the market to find the best mat adapted to the specific needs of your canine companion.

Water cooling mat

How much does the dog cooling mat cost?

There is a wide variety of dog cooling mats available. Depending on the cooling technique you choose, but also the size, the price will be higher or lower. In general, you can find basic cooling mats starting from around 15 to 20 euros. However, better quality models, larger or with specific features, can cost between 30 and 60 euros, or even more.

Some tips to protect your pet

Here are our tips to help your pet get through the summer period:

  • Ensure adequate hydration : During the summer months, it is essential to ensure that your dog always has access to fresh, clean water. Keep a bowl of water available at all times, whether inside the house or outside. If you're going for a walk, take a bottle of water and a portable bowl so you can drink regularly.
  • Avoid walks during the hottest hours : Asphalt and sand can reach excessively high temperatures on sunny days. To avoid burning your dog's sensitive pads, schedule walks for the cooler times of the day, early in the morning or evening. Also opt for shaded areas and favor grassy areas.
  • Give him a cool space : When the heat gets intense, your dog will appreciate a cool place to rest. Make sure he has a shady spot in the house where he can take refuge and relax.
  • Never leave your dog in a car : It is vital to never leave your dog inside a parked car, even for a short time. Because temperatures inside a vehicle can rise quickly to dangerous levels, putting your dog's life at risk. If you must travel by car, be sure to leave your pet at home in a cool, safe place.
  • Watch for signs of heat stroke : Dogs can suffer from heat stroke, a potentially fatal condition. Watch for signs such as excessive panting, heavy salivation, weakness, vomiting, red gums, and difficulty breathing. If you notice these symptoms, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.
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